About Birds of a Feather Photography Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer
About Birds of a Feather Photography Lehigh Valley Wedding Photographer

photo credit- Beauty For Ashes

Our Story...

Hi there... we are John and Tassia, and we are in love. In love with life, in love with each other, in love with photography!
We would like to use those passions to help you illustrate YOUR love story. Thats really what you are doing when you are hiring a wedding photographer, looking for the right person who illustrate your love story in photos! You are looking for someone to capture all of the heart and soul that is going into each detail, each vow, each decision; the big and little moments throughout your once in a lifetime day that will tell the story of all of the love the two of you share. That is our mission. Photography is as much about seeing as it is about skill, and together we see and photograph the world as a pretty lovely place!
Our love story began over 12 years ago, just about the time that Tassia's love for photography began as well! John bought me my first SLR camera on eBay; back when eBay was a baby, film was the standard, and the thought of clicking away thousands of images a day was beyond comprehension. I swear we really are not that old, it is just that a whole lot has changed in these past 10 years! Time flies, and that is why we are in love with the magic of photography.
Your wedding day will come and go so very quickly, and 10 years from now, 50 years from now-it is your photos that will keep that memory alive! As husband and wife it is our honor for us to share in your celebration of love, to tell the story of your commitment through our talents, and to take photos that will forever remind you and generations to come of all of the love held in these moments!

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